There are so many fun ways to learn about horses! We’ve curated a collection of educational resources to help students and teachers get a closer look into the world of these majestic animals. Watch informational videos, practice listening comprehension with foaling season BINGO, get crafty with horse origami, read, write and draw with an activity book, and so much more.

Teachers, are you interested in participating in a virtual field trip? PHRA invites grade school classrooms to participate in a virtual field trip at Delaware Valley University. The students will get to meet the mares and foals. Students will learn about the care that a mare and foal receive and the many jobs needed at a breeding farm during this special season.



Download the materials below and let the learning begin!

Foal Cams Live

Tune into our foal cam below for a live look at the birth of these cute little creatures on Whysper Wynd Farm and Delaware Valley University. This year, we’re expecting 9 foals so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to witness the wonder in real time!

We are not live at this moment. Please check back later.

Fun Foal Facts!

Learn everything there is to know about baby horses!


Tiny Horse, BIG Team!

Learn about the team of people it takes to raise a racehorse from day one.

For Teachers

Bring horses to your classroom by downloading the educational resources below.