You know your wager and your horses. It’s time to enter your bet, cross your fingers and hold on for the ride. You can either place your bet with a teller or do it yourself at a self-service machine. Below are directions for both.

Teller window

When you get to the teller window, you’ll want to say (in the following order):

  1. Which track you’re betting on
  2. The race number
  3. The amount of your bet
  4. What type of wager (Ex: Place, Exacta, Pick 3)
  5. The horse’s number (found in the program)

Example: “Presque Isle Downs, race two, $5.00 to show on number three”

Self-service machine

For self-entry, the same rules of a teller window apply, except that you’re making selections on a screen instead of with a person.

  1. Select your track. (In Pennsylvania, you’ll have six track options.)
  2. Select the race number.
  3. Type in your betting amount.
  4. Select the wagering type.
  5. Select the horse(s) number(s).
  6. Take your printed wagering ticket.
  7. Double-check your printed ticket, and press “finish” on the screen.

Place your bets online

Now that you know the basics, try your hand before even hitting the tracks through any of Pennsylvania’s online betting sites.


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