Preserving PA’s natural beauty  

Pennsylvania is home to the most permanently preserved farmland in the nation — due, in part, to the Commonwealth’s strong equine industry. We’re proud to be a partner in supporting and protecting our state’s iconic beauty and its hardworking farmers.  

From the tracks to the fields

Wherever there’s horse racing, you’ll find open fields filled with horses, hay and little colts not far away. Land preservation is one of the sport’s most positive and least discussed perks that not only provides residents with natural recreation areas, but also gives many Pennsylvanians indirect jobs.

Thanks to the Pennsylvania Race Horse Development Fund, over eight thousand indirect jobs have been created on account of the horse racing industry. Quite a few of those jobs are on farms — farms to train, feed and house racehorses across the state. Of the state’s 7.7 million acres of preserved farmland, 1.3 million is used for equine-related purposes.

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