HARRISBURG PA – The following horses were the leading point winners, based on position of finish during “A”-level events, in their respective divisions during 2020 Pennsylvania Fair Sire Stakes competition throughout the state.

TWO-YEAR-OLD TROTTING MALES – KILLER INSTINCT, g, Southwind Frank – Wheely Quick; trained by Bob Rougeaux III for Brocious Racing Stable Inc. and Lone Wolf Stable.

TWO-YEAR-OLD TROTTING FEMALES – EXPLOSIVE FLOWER, Explosive Matter – Seeuinthespring; trained by Rick Beinhauer, and co-owned by him with Regina Beinhauer.

TWO-YEAR-OLD PACING MALES – ROWDY RYDER, c, A Rocknroll Dance – Miss Chinno; trained and owned by Roger Hammer.

TWO-YEAR-OLD PACING FEMALES – LAZY DAY HANOVER, Betting Line – Lazan Hanover; trained by Mitchell York, and co-owned by him with David Brickell.

THREE-YEAR-OLD TROTTING MALES – NO NAME YANKEE, g, Possess The Will – The Yankees Win; trained and owned by Roger Hammer.

THREE-YEAR-OLD TROTTING FEMALES – TIE: BYATHREAD HANOVER, Donato Hanover – By A Nose Hanover; trained and owned by Todd Schadel; and ELYSIAN PROMISE, Yankee Glide – Chowda; trained and owned by Lisa Dunn.

THREE-YEAR-OLD PACING MALES – NOME HANOVER, g, Well Said – Northern Cameo; trained by Todd Schadel, and co-owned by him with Timothy Hayes and Dr. Megan Moschgat.

THREE-YEAR-OLD PACING FEMALES – DREAM DANCING, A Rock N Roll Dance – Clearly Foxy; trained by Mitchell York, and co-owned by him with David Brickell.

–LAZY DAY HANOVER was the leading pointwinner overall; NO NAME YANKEE led all three-year-olds and all trotters.

–Three-year-old trotting gelding MANHATTANUP NO ICE won in 1:58.1 at Bloomsburg to become the fastest trotter ever at a Pennsylvania county fair. The fastest pacing mile of the year was the 1:54.1 effort of BIPBOPNALLIE at Bloomsburg, just two-fifths short of MIDWAY ISLAND’s 1:53.4 all-time fair standard, also at Bloomsburg.

–There were sixteen divisional track records set this year, including six miles that equaled or bettered the all-time standard for that gait at that track. Freshman pacing filly TIAMOGONEDANCIN and MANHATTANUP NO ICE set track records at two different ovals.

–There were 48 miles in 2:00 or better throughout the season. A pair of three-year-old pacers led the list with five such miles: gelding BIPBOPNALLIE and filly GINGER TREE CAREY.

Schadel Todd 76 Schadel Todd 78
Brickell Dave 59 Hammer Roger 66
Johnston Shawn 48 York Mitchell 53
Hammer Roger 36 Rougeaux III Robert 22
Schadel Tony 36 Schadel Linda 21
Smith Branden 29 Dunn Lisa 20
Johnston Aaron 27 Beinhauer Rick 19
Long Wayne 25 Johnston Gary 19
Neal Eric 18 Beegle Sam 13
Beegle Sam 12 Long Wayne 13
Schoeffel Steve 12
Beegle Sam 0.647 York Mitchell 0.744
Brickell David 0.612 Beegle Sam 0.625
Schadel Todd 0.578 Beinhauer Rick 0.582
Shaw Chris 0.496 Schadel Todd 0.577
Wade Dave 0.487 King Jr. Syl 0.577
Schadel Cody 0.468 Dunn Lisa 0.546
Smith Branden 0.452 Wade Dave 0.510
Johnston Aaron 0.441 Hammer Roger 0.476
Hammer Roger 0.438 Schadel Linda 0.407
Schadel Tony 0.426 Kreutzer William 0.379
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