BLOOMSBURG, PA – The last stop of the 2021 Pennsylvania Fair circuit, at the Bloomsburg Fair in this northeastern Pennsylvania town, had an all-too-familiar theme on opening day Friday: The two-year race was eliminated. . But then the three-year-olds left on Saturday, and three of them had their tenth victories, most on the circuit.

(We note here that there will be a release early next week listing the trophy blanket winners for being the best point winners in their divisions, after the figures are verified with the Harness Office of the State Commission of Pennsylvania Horse Racing, the final authority on counting, so no mention of the twins will appear in this summary of the Bloomsburg races).

Todd Schadel was the coach of the three ten-time winners. The Bar Hopping Top Me Off colt finished his fair season undefeated in ten trips behind the starting gate with a 2: 01.3 victory for Todd and Christine Schadel and Rick and Regina Beinhauer. The fastest trotter of all time at a Pennsylvania fair by virtue of his 1: 57.1 victory at Gratz, the 2020 Fair Championship winner is now also tied for the most winning horse in all of North America with fifteen hits.

Terry A Hanover, an Artspeak colt who was also a 2020 Championship winner, logged his magic 7th mile in his fair 10th win, a win at 2:00, to lead in amount of speed production in the season. Christine Schadel owns the robust colt with Caitlin Solt.

Todd Schadel also drove in both winners this summer; He entrusted most of the driving of Cantab Hall filly Cheesy Hanover to his son Cody, and the 19-year-old caretaker did very well in guiding her through the majority of his ten-race winning streak at end of the season. Cody’s mother and father own the talented filly, whom she missed a nose in her pari-mutuel consolation Sire Stakes and which she won at Bloomsburg in 2: 03.1.

The second-year pace filly race produced the fastest mile of the Bloomsburg competition, 1: 59.4, which was posted by Sweet Lou Ginger Tree Liz filly, who went in 1: 59.4 to defeat Tiamogonedancen, a champion of 2020 which had the fastest mile of the year at the fairs, a 1: 55.2 win at Bedford. Ginger Tree Liz won her two starts at the 2021 show for coach / driver Sam Beegle, who is part of her property with Ginger Tree Ventures, Double D Racing Stable and Reber-Chasen Stable.

As for the two-year-olds: they lost five chances to run due to the weather (the three-year-olds lost two and part of another), and with optimism you can think that the freshmen may be much cooler for the $ 25,000 Championships Pennsylvania Fair Sire Stakes, all eight of which will be competed during the 4:00 pm card at The Meadows on Friday, October 8.

Information on the pointwinners fair blankets and other statistics will be released early next week.


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