WEST CHESTER, Pa. (CBS) — Maui Meadow Farm helps retired racehorses find new and safe homes while rehabilitating injured animals and tracking adoptive owners.

WATCH: Maui Meadow Farm helps retired racehorses
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Maui Meadow Farm helps retired racehorses fin...
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Veterinarians and imaging technicians from the University of Pennsylvania New Bolton Veterinary Center took a mobile x-ray of a horse’s knee. The horse is Strong Magic who was at Maui Meadow Farm where former racehorses prepare for life after racing. Charles Lymon is a third-generation owner and helped calm Strong Magic during the exam.

“We’ve been noticing that he takes a little couple funny steps here and there. So, back to the vet,” he said.

His wife, Nina, said many owners think they can make older or injured horses race again. That is where things go wrong.

“They end up in a bad situation, where they’re not being fed properly, taken care of properly,” she said.

This farm is especially important to people like Danielle Montgomery. She is the program coordinator for Turning for Home, which places retired horses for adoption. First, she often brings her animals to farms like Maui Meadow to find new destinations in a process called rehoming.

“They do the rehab. And when they do the rehoming, they make sure they keep in contact with the adopters,” Montgomery said.

That contact makes sure the animals are still healthy and thriving in their new roles, like providing equine therapy at local nursing homes.

A new chapter waits for these animals.

“You talk to enough people, and you try hard enough, you can find a home for every horse,” Montgomery said.

The staff at Maui Meadow Farm is always looking for volunteers who are knowledgeable about horses.

However, anyone can help by donating for vet care and other needs.

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