GRANTVILLE, Pa. — Horse racing continues to grow in popularity and the legacy of the Rojas family is growing with it.

Nineteen-year-old Martina Rojas is quickly making a name for herself after she started racing around one year ago.

“It’s always something I grew up with and been around and known about and I took after my family,” said Rojas. “It’s something powerful about being a woman in the horse racing industry.”

Rojas takes after her father, Eddie, who also used to race horses. Having her dad in her corner has been quite the boost, she is already up to over 100 wins in her career.

“Winning gave me a lot of love for the horses and the feeling when you win is something you can’t get over,” Rojas said. “My dad is like my mentor, he’s my biggest supporter and critic but he is there for me always.”

Her relatively short time in horse racing has taken her all over the country.

“It can get stressful for me watching but she’s doing good,” said Rojas’ dad, Eddie. “She has very good hands and control and every time she races she asks for my advice.”

Her youth in the industry might be the most impressive feat of them all, and with it, the sky is the limit.

“Every race is different and every horse is different and it’s always something new,” said Rojas. “We’ll see how the end of the year goes and hopefully we keep going strong.”

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