The newest version of A Guide to Careers in Horse Racing is now available. Co-sponsored by the Pennsylvania Horse Racing Association, the booklet is full of information and photos related to possible careers in both harness and flat racing.

“Oftentimes, a student who loves horses might overlook racing as a potential career path. Our hard copy supply was depleted, so before reprinting, HHYF decided to partner with our Thoroughbred cousins in order to present a more comprehensive product. We are very pleased with the result of our collaborative effort” explained Adam Bowden, HHYF President.

Included in the full-color 30-page booklet are descriptions of more than a dozen hands-on careers, three dozen racetrack operations careers as well as a segment discussing specialized jobs. In addition, there is a general overview of racing and a collection of industry resources.

Annise Montplaisir from Amplify Horse Racing contributed the written content for the flat racing portion.

For information on how to obtain individual or bulk copies, please contact the HHYF office at 317-908-0029 or

The Harness Horse Youth Foundation is a charitable 501(c)3 organization dedicated to providing young people and their families educational opportunities with harness horses in order to foster the next generation of participants and fans. The Foundation has been making a difference in young people’s lives since 1976; its programs include interactive learning experiences with racehorses as well as offering scholarships and creating and distributing educational materials related to harness racing.

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