The Covid-19 pandemic has caused much hardship in the breeding and racing world. It’s effect on our
families has been physically and mentally demanding, and in some cases, devastating. We hope that the worst is behind us. We’d like to thank our breeders who donated money to help others feed and care for their horses during this time of need. With the reopening of Pennsylvania racing, it is imperative that our breeders begin to earn as much as possible to make up for the unexpected shutdown.

Let us first start by saying that Breeder Awards will be paid at the same rate as before the closure, which includes the additional 25% for maiden races first through third. That’s 50% for PA-Sired PA-Breds and 25% for non-PA-Sired PA-Breds. Breeder Awards in all other races will continue to be paid at 40% and 20% respectively.

Secondly, Owner Bonuses will remain the same as before the closure. PARX will be at 40%, Penn
National at 20% and Presque Isle at 30%. Many of our breeders are also racing their horses, so it is
important to keep those percentages at the same level. By doing this we help to solidify our commitment to those breeders who sell their horses commercially and to the new owners that purchase
at the sales.

Restricted races, which are very much a staple for many of our breeders and an alternative for new
owners, will continue to be offered at all three racetracks. Also, where would Pennsylvania be without PA Day at the Races! At this point it is unclear when fans will be allowed back in the stands but we will be moving our big day to sometime around Labor Day, which will include PA-Bred Stakes Races! Fans or not, those of you who look forward to this full card, PA-Bred day will not be disappointed.

We feel that the combination of awards, bonuses and restricted races listed above are necessary in
order to bring Pennsylvania breeding and racing back with a splash. We would like to thank the PTHA
and the HBPA for their continued contribution making the Pennsylvania Breeding Program the best in
the country! It is only with all of our organizations working together that we are and will continue to be
PA Proud! Go Pa!!

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