Did you know that the popular Mane ‘n Tail horse shampoo is made in Pennsylvania?  Originally formulated and intended for horses, the brand expanded into a line of equine and human products sold worldwide. Humans discovered the shampoo, and the company’s owners created a line of hair care products for people including shampoo and conditioner, detanglers, and biotin-infused products. Their other equine products, found in many race track barns and breeding farms, include “Hoofmaker” which moisturizes, strengthens, and conditions brittle hooves, and “Mineral Ice” which is a topical gel that relieves muscle soreness and inflammation. Straight Arrow Products, Inc, the parent company of Mane ‘n Tail, was founded in 1970 by the Katzev family at their farm in New Jersey. Now headquartered in the Lehigh Valley, the family owned company employs approximately 100 people at their manufacturing and corporate facility.

Equine businesses in Pennsylvania stimulate the economy by creating jobs and customer demand. The horse racing and breeding industry also supports Pennsylvania agriculture by buying hay and straw grown in PA, and by using services and products made in the state.

One small business in Berks County, near Kutztown, PA, offers hard-to-find services and a wide assortment of equine products and feeds. Located on a winding country road, Leid Shoes & Saddlery sells high quality work boots and shoes including the brands Wolverine, Ariat, and Muck Boots. In demand for their leather repair work, Leid’s repairs saddles, bridles, harnesses, and boots and shoes. “We always have lots of boots and shoes to repair. Not many places repair shoes and boots any more, and people come a distance to get their shoes fixed. We repair all leather items. Another service we offer is washing and repairing horse blankets. That’s something else that’s hard to find,” explained Katie Leid.

 In 1960, Irvan Leid started his leather repair business in a small shed on his dairy farm. His business grew, and he moved into a store at their current location. A family business, son Ammon runs the store, and the whole family helps out. Fourth generation Adrianne, nine years old, loves to help her Aunt Katie in the store. “She’s a big help, and she’s learning the business,” said Katie proudly. “Another service we provide is sharpening clipper blades. You’d be surprised how many customers come in for this service. We pride ourselves on being a full-service tack and repair shop,” said Katie. Leid’s store carries saddles, bridles, boots, halters, brushes, belts, local gift items, brass bells, a huge selection of supplements and vitamins, some made in Pennsylvania, and even homemade whoopee pies located next to the cash register.

One of the supplement brands found at Leid’s and made in PA is Pennwoods Equine Products. A small family run business located in Centre Hall, PA, the company manufactures over fifteen products sold throughout the U.S. and parts of Canada. Founded in 1985 by Chris Cole, the company uses locally-sourced ingredients and specializes in growth and reproductive products and hoof care supplements. “We started as a grain business and developed one product. Now we employ five people, and we sell fifteen products, and they are all made here in Centre Hall,” explained Chris Cole. “We sell lots of foot care products to trotters, and we sell growth and reproductive items to breeders. We sell our energy products to all breeds and disciplines. Race horse trainers use our products as well as riders with event horses, barrel horses, Belgian draft horses, and hunters and jumpers. We sell multivitamins, and products that help with digestion as well as joint supplements, and a liquid vitamin E. We also make an organic magnesium product that aids in the metabolism of glucose and acts as a calming aid. We sell lots of foot care products too,” said Cole. Pennwood’s goal is to formulate products “to support the growth, performance and longevity of your horse.”

Another equine product engineered in Pennsylvania by Zeager Bros., Inc., WoodCarpet – Equine Footing is a shock absorbing safety surface made from a 100% eco-friendly material. Located in Middletown, PA, the family owned business, founded in 1967, sells prime mulches, and manufactures landscape and recreational surfaces for children’s playgrounds as well as animal bedding and footing surfaces. Their products are sold throughout the U.S. and Canada, and WoodCarpet is used in round pens, training tracks, breeding sheds, and indoor and outdoor arenas. WoodCarpet – Equine Footing also called HorseCarpet is an engineered wood fiber made from 100% fresh-grade wood. According to Scott at Zeager’s, “we don’t use anything with bark or walnut or cherry in our animal products.” The product allows for a natural filtration to eliminate puddles and standing water. It is also easy to maintain, and was installed in the paddock at Monmouth Park Racetrack in Oceanport, NJ. Also used at the world class Juddmonte Farms in Lexington, Kentucky, and at Pennsylvania’s historic Ashwell Stables in West Grove, PA, the company is a leader in animal footing, wood mulch, and landscape products.

These four businesses are just a sampling of equine businesses that contribute to the state’s economy and employ hundreds of Pennsylvanians.

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