Foaling season is on the horizon! The Pennsylvania Horse Racing Association’s (PHRA) Foal Cams are now live, and we’re bursting with excitement to share 2024’s participants.

This year, we’re thrilled to once again partner with Whysper Wynd Farm and Delaware Valley University, who will share their expecting mothers with the world via livestream. Here, we’re highlighting the magnificent moms who make Foaling Season possible, so get ready to meet the mares!

Whysper Wynd Farm

For over 15 years, Justine and Marc Howell have been breeding racehorses at their farm in Chester County, Pennsylvania. They’re small-batch, boutique breeders, opting to rear only a few foals a year to give them ample space to run, graze, and play.

This year, they have two expecting mares set to deliver in the coming months. Throughout the next few weeks, you’ll be able to tune into the final stages of their pregnancies and witness the birth of their foals.

Foal fans, get ready to meet:


Twisted Purpose

Twisted Purpose is back to delight the PHRA’s viewers once again. After making us collectively Awww over the cuteness of her beautiful baby on last year’s edition of Foal Cams, the 13-year-old mother of five has returned with a surprise that’s sure to delight racing fanatics.

Twisted Purpose

This year, Twisted Purpose’s foal has been sired by none other than racing legend American Pharoah. American Pharoah is the first (and so far, only) horse to win the elusive Grand Slam of Thoroughbred racing—meaning, in a single season (2015), he won the four most coveted titles on the American circuit [1]:

  • The Breeders’ Cup Classic
  • The Kentucky Derby
  • The Preakness Stakes
  • The Belmont Stakes

Needless to say, we’re beyond excited for the birth of a potentially dominant athlete in American Thoroughbred racing. Tune in with us to see Twisted Purpose in the final days of her sixth pregnancy, and catch all the excitement that foaling season has to offer.


My Audubon

My Audubon is a Thoroughbred mare who isn’t quite as far along in her pregnancy yet as Twisted Purpose. She isn’t projected to give birth until late March, but we’re already raring to watch her grow as her developing foal reaches its full potential.

My Audubon

This year, she’ll be delivering a foal sired by Uptowncharlybrown. With multiple wins at the prestigious Tampa Bay Downs, Uptowncharlybrown was a consistent competitor during his racing days and has produced a successful lineage of lightning-quick horses [2]. Check the Foal Cams to learn more about My Audubon and her foal.


Delaware Valley University

Just like last year, Delaware Valley University has once again been kind enough to share their expecting mares with the world. Located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Delaware Valley University grew from a small farming school with just six students at the turn of the 20th century to a highly reputable institution with a robust equine program [3].

Their 2024 roster of mares features three broodmares due across February and March. This year, this trio of sensational Standardbreds includes:

Brooke Blue Chip

Like the top-tier stocks of her namesake, Brooke Blue Chip keeps producing for her owners year after year—but, in this case, dividends come in the form of foals. 2024 marks the eleventh pregnancy for this 19-year-old trotter, and we can’t wait to share it with you.


Brooke Blue Chip

This time around, Father Patrick was chosen as the sire. Having won multiple Colt of the Year awards and over $2.5 million in prize money during his career, Father Patrick is renowned in the racing community, and his progeny is sure to make waves amongst the next generation of Standardbred athletes [4]. Brooke Blue Chip is expecting her foal around February 28th, so be sure to join us for this magical moment.


To The Good Life

To The Good Life is back to participate in another year on PHRA’s Foal Cams. The 14-year-old trotter has graced our livestream in the past and, this time, her upcoming foal will mark half a dozen in her lineage.

To The Good Life

For this pregnancy, Delaware Valley University opted for a sire from north of the border, eh? After a successful career on the Canadian circuit, however, Alarm Detector has recently retired from the racing scene. To The Good Life’s pregnancy will be among the first few generations of his offspring [5]. She’s due on March 12th, so save the date now to witness her foal’s birth live.


Thistle Dhu

Thistle Dhu is a 13-year-old trotter expecting her eighth foal early this spring. It’s her first time participating in the PHRA’s Foal Cams, but we hope this beauty will return for years to come.

Thistle Dhu

Delaware Valley University selected a real winner for Thistle Dhu’s sire. In just two years on the professional trotting circuit, Rebuff took home nine first-place finishes and nearly a million in prize money. 2023 was his first year as a sire, so there’s plenty of anticipation to see the success of his offspring once they reach racing age [6].

Thistle Dhu is Thistle Due on March 21st, so make sure to hop into the livestream to get the first glimpse of her foal.


Watch the PHRA’s Foal Cams Starting Now to Catch All of Foaling Season

Whysper Wynd Farms has started streaming their day-to-day activities from the first day of February, so be sure to tune in to catch all the action. Starting closer to their mares’ due dates, Delaware Valley University will also begin broadcasting to the world, so be sure to stick around until the end of March to see all five foals’ first moments of life.

You can access the Foal Cams starting now, so please mark the date to join us for this joyous occasion. And, to Whysper Wynd Farm, Delaware State University and, of course, their mares: thank you so much for giving us a glimpse into this wonderful moment!


Blog Header Image: An American Pharoah colt hangs out with his mama High Quail at Walnut Green after the 2019 Foal Cam season. This year, Twisted Purpose will birth another American Pharoah foal during our Foal Cams at Whysper Wynd Farm.



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