Hollywood Casino at The Meadows is pleased to announce the “Richest Day in PA” for bettors, as the track will offer a record $200,000 in guaranteed pools on Saturday, July 27.

Featuring the Delvin Miller Adios Pace, the stake-filled day will guarantee a total of 11 pools during the 16-race card.

Here are the pools that will be guaranteed during the Delvin Miller Adios card:

Race 3 – $10,000 Pick5 Pool

Race 5 – $12,500 Pick4 Pool

Race 6 – $15,000 Trifecta Pool

Race 8 – $15,000 Adios Pick8 Pool

Race 9 – $12,500 Pick4 Pool

Race 10 – $15,000 Trifecta Pool

Race 11 – $12,500 Adios Pick5 Pool

Race 13 – $15,000 Adios Pick4 Pool

Race 14 – $17,500 Trifecta Pool
Race 15 (Adios Final) – $50,000 Trifecta Pool

Race 15 (Adios Final) – $25,000 Superfecta Pool

The early Pick5 and Adios Pick8 pools will be guaranteed in partnership with the US Trotting Association’s Strategic Wagering program and the Meadows Standardbred Owners Association.  The Adios Pick8, a 20-cent base wager, will feature a takeout of just 15%, and is a “must-pay” wager with no carryover.

“Last year we offered $170,000 in guaranteed pools and set a new record handle of over $1.5 million for Adios Day,” said Director of Racing Scott Lishia.  “It appears bettors like the combination of guaranteed pools and quality racing, so we’ve decided to up the ante a bit this year.”

Post time on Adios Day at The Meadows is set for 11:45am on Saturday, July 27.

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