Every day in Pennsylvania, race horses commute to one of the state’s six race tracks for competition or training. Also, broodmares travel to breeding farms, sick horses van to animal hospitals, and young horses move to training centers. The horse racing and breeding industries along with the farming community depend on reliable transportation. Commercial horse vans offer long-distance hauling and daily commutes to race tracks around the country, but for ease and convenience, many trainers and owners use their own pickup trucks and horse trailers for routine hauling.

Pennsylvania’s thoroughbred race tracks provide housing for horses running at the tracks, but not all harness tracks include permanent stabling. The horses ship in to race and leave after the races, so standardbred owners rely on their horse trailers for dependable transportation. Pickup trucks, hitches, and trailers need continuous maintenance, and small businesses across Pennsylvania sell and service horse trailers and related equipment.

Horse trailers vary in size and construction materials, and Cotner Horse Trailers, founded in 1971, manufactures one and two-horse bumper pull trailers at their 20,000-foot facility in Revere, PA. According to owner Pete Smith, “I bought the business from the original owner, and we continue to build quality, well-built trailers here. We build trailers that last. We might not be the most widely known, but we build high quality at reasonable prices. Cotner trailers are built on a tubular steel frame for added strength and support, and we add a fiberglass roof to reflect the sun and keep the trailer cool. Our standard trailers are extra high and measure 7 feet 7 inches to accommodate large horses.” The trailers are lightweight but equipped with high-quality materials that include extra thick stall mats for support and comfort, large windows for added ventilation, and the highest-quality tires available. “We build a trailer with the safety and comfort of the horse as our top priority. At our shop, we repair and inspect trailers, and most of our dealers are in the northeast. Our customers include racehorse trainers, show horses, and event horses,” added Smith.

Another trailer manufacturer, M.H. Eby, located in Lancaster County, makes top-quality aluminum trailers and flatbed towing bodies for all purposes. Eby makes grain trailers, dump trailers, livestock trailers, equipment trailers, and custom trailers for farmers’ needs. A third-generation, family-run business, that opened in 1938, Eby now has manufacturing plants in Ephrata, PA, West Jefferson, Ohio, and Story City, Iowa. Their home office and showroom is located in Blue Ball, PA, and they have eight sales and service facilities across the country located in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Iowa, Indiana, Montana, South Dakota, and Nebraska. According to the chairman, Menno Eby, “we design, manufacture, sell, and service all types of trailers. We custom-make several commercial tractor-trailers for horse transportation companies, and we make truck bodies for towing gooseneck trailers. Farmers use our dump trailers and equipment trailers, and our trailers haul grain across the country.”

Also in Lancaster County, Pine Hill Trailers sells horse trailers, utility trailers, equipment trailers, and miscellaneous trailers for farm use. The business began in 2000 as a home business building small trailers for moving sheds and servicing trailers. Currently located in Gordonville, PA, the facility now includes a 150,000-square-foot building with 12 service bays, a manufacturing shop, an office, and a dealership. According to Brian, “horse trailer sales are a small part of the business now, but we service, repair, and inspect horse trailers and install hitches.” Pine Hill employs approximately 64 employees and services all trailers. Their shop works on trailer brakes, wiring, lights, springs, and hitch installations, and local farmers rely on their reliable and expert service to keep their farm equipment working.

In Pottstown, PA, Frank DiBella sells high-end horse trailers and vans. In business for over forty years, he started by buying, rehabbing, and selling old horse vans. Now, his dealership sells top-quality bumper pulls, goosenecks, and tractor-trailers, and the service department repairs and refurbishes trailers. They also offer pressure washing, waxing, and aluminum brightening. His business is known throughout the country for selling deluxe horse trailers and vans to racehorse owners, top show horse trainers, and dressage riders.

Pennsylvania businesses manufacture and sell high-quality trailers for all purposes. Race horses travel to a racetrack, farmers haul hay and straw to horse farms and auctions, and farmers move equipment on flatbed trailers all made in PA.

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