Justine and Marc Howell aren’t sleeping much this week.

Their thoroughbred mare, Twisted Purpose, who is in foal to Triple Crown winner, American Pharaoh, is due this week. It will be the first foal of the year at the Howell’s Whysper Wynd Farm in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, and it’s all being broadcast live with “Foal Cams.”

Whysper Wynd Farm owner/breeder Justine Howell with mare Twisted Purpose who will be the star of the PHRA Foal Cam this week as she’s expecting a foal sired by Thoroughbred racing legend American Pharaoh.
ART PETROSEMOLO | Correspondent

The Howells and Delaware Valley University have partnered with the Pennsylvania Horse Racing Association to provide video coverage of their mares foaling through the end of March on cameras installed in the foaling stalls. The live-feed cameras follow the specific mares ready to give birth.

Twisted Purpose’s foal will be the mare’s sixth since the Howell’s acquired her in 2017. In all, four mares are in foal at their 25-acre farm located about 30 miles west of Philadelphia.

Another second Whysper Wind Farm mare, Maxie Ford, is also in foal to American Pharaoh and is expected to foal later this spring.

“We’re excited,” Justine Howell said. “Having two mares in foal to a recognized Thoroughbred champion here at our boutique breeding farm is pretty special.”

The “Foal Cams” are sponsored by the Pennsylvania Horse Racing Association and were first used in 2018 to promote horse racing in the state and attract new fans.

Justine said she agreed to cameras because she sees an opportunity to share her love of Thoroughbred racing with a wider audience and help dispel some of the negative perceptions that Thoroughbred horses are mistreated.

She is a third-generation racing professional from Erie County, Pennsylvania. Her parents, Larry and Kathy Antus, are both former jockeys and now train a small group of thoroughbreds to race at Presque Isle Downs in Erie.

The Howell’s have close to 20 horses in residence at Whysper Wind Farm including retirees, riding horses and the mares that soon will add babies to the count. “Foaling season always an exciting time at a breeding farm,” Justine said, “hectic but exciting.”

You can check on Twisted Purpose in her foaling stall at: https://pennhorseracing.com/foalcamsand follow on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter for live updates.

Learn about how Whysper Wynd Farm prepares for thoroughbred foaling season. You can watch the farm’s PHRA Thoroughbred foal cameras here: https://pennhorseracing.com/foalcams/

Original source credited to lancasterfarming.com

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